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Adoptable Dogs

These dogs are currently part of the NESHR program. To adopt one of these dogs you must complete an adoption application found here.

Our Available Dogs


Photo of Angel

Angel is a special needs five year old girl. She absolutely lives up to her name. She is an angel in the house and loves people and other dogs.
Sweet Angel does suffer from urinary incontinence so she needs a family that can handle this issue. She is also hypothyroid so Angel will need to stay on thyroid medication for life. This medication is less then 20 dollars a month.
If you are looking for a loving dog that needs a great home please apply for this sweet girl.


Photo of Max

Max came into rescue after the SPCA shut down a puppy mill in upstate NY. Max is around five years old and has spent his entire life living in a barn either in a kennel run with three females or in a crate stacked on top of other crates. When Max came into rescue he was so scared he could not even walk. He is starting to learn what life is like to be a dog and we are working hard to get him to realize people are loving and good. Max is currently under medical care and is not ready to be adopted yet. We will update him when he is ready for adoption.


Photo of Maya

This pretty girl is Maya. She is now available for adoption. Here is what you must know about Maya.
Maya was one of almost 60 Siberian Huskies pulled out of one of the most horrific puppy mill operations in New York. She is almost three years old and has never seen anything but the dark barn and a pen or crate filled with feces and urine. She never saw sunlight, grass or the pretty blue sky. For three years she lived her life being bred over and over again for some sick individuals who saw these animals as a way to make money.
Maya is scared. There is no easy way to say this. She is going to require a lot of time and understanding and this can not be rushed. She needs a family that will love her even when she is not ready to love them back yet and understand that they will not be able to hug this out of her. Maya needs patience and understanding and lots of time.
No small children for Maya. No busy households for Maya. She must be allowed to come with her crate. It is her safety zone. We do not force her in and we do not close the door any time we are in the house. She goes there when she is frightened.
This pretty girl loves toys. LOVES TOYS! For a girl that never had anything to play with she gathers them all up and takes them every where she goes.
If you are up for a challenge and are willing to be coached thru this process please contact us.
Will you get a dog that will fawn over you and live to be with you? NO
Will you get the opportunity to know that you made such a difference in the life of an animal that was denied the rights any dog should have such as adequate food, clean water, toys, a soft safe place to sleep and most importantly love? YES.


Photo of Nakita

Nakita is a beautiful 8 year old piebald Siberian Husky. She is full of life and has the temperament of an adult yet the energy of a young dog. Nakita is a people lover and requires human interaction.  She is crate trained, fully house broken and gets along with other dogs. She also loves children as much as she does adults and can often be found cuddling with the human babies in her foster home.  Nakita must have a six foot fence she will jump any thing shorter.  If you would like to learn more about sweet Nakita please complete an adoption application and one of our members will contact you.


Photo of Neko

Neko is a wonderful 2 year old handsome boy. He is great with people and kids of all ages. He loves female dogs but not male dogs. Niko would be best placed in a home with another dog(female) or he could be an only dog. He truly loves to hang around people. Neko is polite and not demanding in the house and walks well on a leash after settling into the walk. Neko is a true pleasure to have around.




Photo of Fiona

Fiona came to us from a hoarding situation. She had never lived in a home before but was kept in a pen where she continually was bred and had litters of puppies.

Fiona is 4-5 years old a primarily gray and white girl with blue eyes. This sweet girl will need a calm quiet home that can continue her socialization and basic manners development. Fiona is dog friendly and completely housebroken. She would be best placed in a home with out cats.


Photo of Mini

Mini is a one and half year old sweetheart. Mini came to us from a shelter in PA. She was skin and bones and quickly starving to death because the shelter could not get her to eat. Immediately upon coming into rescue Mini was hospitalized for several days. Now several months later Mini is stabilized and has doubled her weight. She has been diagnosed with IBD. She requires a strict adherence to her dietary and medical needs. Her medicine is not expensive. Mini is great with other dogs and CATS. She is good with children of all ages. Please complete an application to find out how to make Mini a member of your family.


Photo of NanNuk

NanNuk is a two year old male Red and White Siberian. He has one brown eye and one blue eye. He is cat friendly and dog friendly. He does not have to be placed with another dog though. NanNuk grew up with children and is good with kids of all ages. NanNuk recently came into foster care when his family had to move across country. We are still learning more about him and he will be getting neutered in the next few weeks. Can NanNuk join your family? Please fill out an adoption application to learn more about him.


Photo of Niko

Niko is a 4-5 year old TINY Siberian. He is almost pocket sized! Little Niko weighs about 37 pounds and has a perpetual puppy look to him. Niko is one of the most submissive dogs we have ever met. He is great with other dogs and is not dominating at all. He loves children young and old. Absolutely NO cats for Niko. He finds them irresistible and is convinced they are a snack. Niko still has a lot of energy and would love a family that would be active and take him for walks. To learn how to make Niko a part of your family please complete an adoption application.


Photo of Nomad

Nomad is brand new to our rescue. Found as a stray on the streets of Trenton, NJ he found himself at a shelter and they contacted us for help. He is tiny at only 34 pounds and dog friendly. We are still learning about Nomad so check back for updates.


Photo of Remmy

Remmy is a 2-3 year old young boy. He is very calm and laid back though he does occasionally like to talk. Fully housebroken but typical of some males may mark in the house the first couple of times he is in a new home. He is currently living in a foster home with 4 other Siberians ranging in age from 1yr to 9yrs. He is respectful of all of them but does like to play with the one year old. Sweet Remmy likes to sleep in bed with his people at night so his new home should be ok with having a Siberian in bed with them.

Remmy was returned to the shelter because the family said he broke out of a crate and shredded a comforter and when locked in a bathroom he chewed the molding. In his foster home he has not destroyed anything. Most likely he would be best placed in a home with another dog.


Photo of Shadow

Shadow has been bounced around most of his life. No wonder he has separation anxiety. Shadow has lived with children of all ages including newborn and had no problem with them. He loves female dogs but does not want to share his house with male dogs. Shadow is a love bug. He does not know that he is not a puppy and wants to curl up in your lap or cuddle with you in bed.
Fully crate trained and good with the cat in his foster home Shadow would make a wonderful addition to a home that would give him a forever home.
His bio picture was taken the day he spent the day at work with his foster mom in a vet clinic. He wanted to help with the work!