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These dogs are currently part of the NESHR program. To adopt one of these dogs you must complete an adoption application found here.

Our Available Dogs

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Photo of Akira

Meet Akira! Akira is a seven year young, black and white female. She is very friendly, and loves people! She will soak up all the attention you can give her, and especially loves getting petted, and occasionally will give you her belly to rub. She is dog tolerant, and some times really can care less about other dogs around her. She is a great giver of kisses, and will never leave your side once you become friends. She prefers riding in a car over riding in a SUV. She is quick to tell you if she needs to go outside and is dependable in the house. She LOVES going for walks and can’t wait to rush out the door. Once she gets her stride, she is a great walker. Akria also gets along well with small dogs and critters! If you are interested in meeting Akira, please contact us.


Photo of Azul

Meet Azul! He’s approximately seven years young.  We think he is part Lab/part Siberian.   Wonderful dog, fully housebroken.  Does not destroy anything.  Can be left loose in the house. He is cat and small dog friendly.  He previously lived with children.  Good with most other dogs, needing supervision at first.  Loves to play with younger female dogs.  He and McKenzie are boyfriend and girlfriend – and they play for hours! Azul means blue, and Azul is bi-eyed. Great disposition, and he really deserves a permanent home.



Photo of Bella

This is Bella.  She is a one year old female.   Bella is fully crate trained, and sometimes she remembers that she was house broken.  This will need to have some continued work.   Very sweet with children.  Has been in foster with infants and young children.   Bella can be a little bossy with other dogs.  Very sweet girl, looking for her forever home.


Photo of Carson

Hi!  Im Carson.. I was living in Maryland and the folks at NESHR saw my information and knew I was a keeper!  They said I had some issues, and needed some training.  This really cool lady came and checked me out.  She immediately knew I was a Diamond in the RUFF!  She took me home, worked with me, gave me space and a POOL! She gently brushed out my matted hair, Im a Wooley, a really special kind of Siberian!  And guess what, my Mamma is my FOREVER Mamma – -she can’t let me go! And my new family includes a gal that was rescued too!  Her name is MacKenzie and she is glued to my side!  I love my new family – Thank you NESHR !


Photo of Diesel

Ok Everyone! Diesel is off medical hold. He has completed treatment and will need bloodwork at the end of this month to confirm if the treatment worked. So we are looking for his forever home now! He is five years old, housetrained, UTD. Diesel will need a HUSKY experienced family. He is a big wooley boy. He has been on medical rest – so we have not had the opportunity to do much training with him.  He will need a family committed to training and grooming – as he has a plush coat. He is a sweet boy, and an attention seeker. So he may prefer being the only dog. Also no kids younger then 12ish – he’s a big lug and may knock down little ones. Also – Diesel has small prey drive, so no small animals in the home would be best for him. If you are interested in Diesel, please reach out to us! To see more about Diesel, visit this page.


Photo of Duke

Here’s DUKE!  Duke is a very energetic, friendly 2 year old boy.  He is currently in foster with a 130 Lb. Malamute brother, who he loves to play with.  Duke loves playing outside and snuggling in bed!  He is super sweet and is learning his commands.  He is housebroken, and loves attention! He is currently available for adoption – if you are interested in DUKE, please contact us at!


Photo of Elsa

Elsa is two years old, recently spayed and up to date on shots.  She is a sweetie!  Great in the car, knows basic commands, gets along great with other dogs! She is housebroken, and is just an overall amazing girl!  She is currently in Foster with two female Sibes.  She has a lot of love to give, and she is looking for her forever family! She is an internet sensation- check our FB page for her videos!


Photo of Fiona

Fiona came to us from a hoarding situation. She had never lived in a home before but was kept in a pen where she continually was bred and had litters of puppies.

Fiona is 4-5 years old a primarily gray and white girl with blue eyes. This sweet girl will need a calm quiet home that can continue her socialization and basic manners development. Fiona is dog friendly and completely housebroken. She would be best placed in a home with out cats.

Jemma Sparkle

Photo of Jemma Sparkle

Jemma is a petite baby – we believe she is between 3-5 years old..  She was pulled from Long Island.  She is underweight, and we are working on her to get her curves back.  She has gained 2 lbs. since coming into rescue!  She is a sweet girl – minimal prey drive.. loves everyone she meets!  She is currently in foster with males and females, and has no issues.  If you are looking for a sweet girl – Call us about Jemma!  We gave her a middle name because her eyes just sparkle when she looks at you!


Photo of Kodi

Here’s Kodi. She is an eight year old, spayed female. Kodi came to us with her sister Joey. Kodi is a very sweet girl. She can be a little dominant, and is pretty verbal at times. She is a lover,not a fighter. Kodi is fully house and crate trained. She is very comfortable around people – babies to adults. Kodi is a little overweight, and will need exercise to get her girlish figure back. If you would like to meet Kodi, please contact us.


Photo of Kody

Hi Everyone, I’m Kody!  I’m approximately 6 years old, I am UTD, good with dogs, love riding in the car and I’m a gentleman walking on lead!  I am house trained and love people! My last people didn’t come to get me after I went out wandering – I think they didn’t understand my need to roam.   My foster friends say that I have not been cat or small child tested, but I’m ok with that.. I love my toys and would prefer not to share them, i want them all to myself, so I can tear them up! .. I’m a big boy – approximately 70lbs!I’m rather quiet… I’m new here to NESHR and would really like a home of my own!  If you are looking for a pup to hang with – and you don’t mind not sharing my toys – I may be the one for you!  Please call NESHR and they can tell you all about me!


Photo of Luke

Luke is a sweet boy pulled from Southern NJ. He is just about 2 years old.  He is doing GREAT!  He gets along with all female dogs, and has been successfully introduced to males..he’s young and was a trucking dog – so he gets excited and loves to play.  He is healing up and will have some blood drawn this week (2/1) to see how his testosterone levels are.  He is a big, strong boy and will need experienced owners.  He is a love and a favorite at medical boarding.  He has entered play groups and LOVED the snow.  If you are looking for a companion dog – he’s your boy!


Photo of Luna

Luna came to rescue after being picked up for the 6th time.  The last time, she was running with her pup.   The previous owners came and reclaimed the pup, but decided they didn’t want Luna any longer.   Either she was too much trouble or she had outlived her usefulness.  Luna’s foster family reports that she is as sweet as she is pretty!  She has been in foster for approximately six weeks, is potty and crate trained, but can be left unattended.  She loves to be outside with her family, but also loves to snuggle up in the house.  She does have a high prey drive, so no small dogs, cats, etc.   If you are interested in meeting Luna, please contact us today!



Photo of Max

Max is about 5 years old.  He has made huge improvements from that scared/timid boy that came into rescue on December 27th.  Once he knows you and is comfortable in the house, he demands attention and will  jump up to greet you (we are working on correcting this behavior) will climb in your lap and yells if you do not pay attention to him.   He is dog and cat friendly and can go to a home with other dogs or as a single dog.  Max MUST have a 6 ft. fence, he has proven lately that he can really jump!  Max is house trained (sometimes he need reminders that he can’t mark in the house)  and crate trained.   Max needs someone that can continue his socialization as he still gets very scared when he has to leave the security of his home.

Max does have epilepsy and hypothyroidism.  He takes two pills twice a day for these conditions and has been seizure free for over 6 months.  The cost of his meds are 50 dollars a month.







Photo of Max

Hi There !  I’m Max!  I am 13 months old and full of energy!  I was saved once by a nice lady who saw me on “Craig’s List”.. but I had a lot of energy, and I have a secret.  I really, really, really don’t like being in a crate. It scares me badly and makes me very unhappy.   I was in a crate a couple of times and it just doesn’t work for me.  Outside the crate, I’m a really good boy! I spent some time at a facility with bunches of other dogs, and did really well.  I am a ladies’ man, they said.  They also said that I am really sweet, know basic commands, and that I have had all my shots, and have been “fixed”… although, I have to say, I didn’t know I was broken!  Well if you are interested in me, and have lots of energy and time to spend, and only if you promise never to put me in a cage, I could be the boy for you!

Please call NESHR today to find out more about me!


Photo of Maya

This pretty girl is Maya. She is now available for adoption. Here is what you must know about Maya.
Maya was one of almost 60 Siberian Huskies pulled out of one of the most horrific puppy mill operations in New York. She is almost three years old and has never seen anything but the dark barn and a pen or crate filled with feces and urine. She never saw sunlight, grass or the pretty blue sky. For three years she lived her life being bred over and over again for some sick individuals who saw these animals as a way to make money.
Maya is scared. There is no easy way to say this. She is going to require a lot of time and understanding and this can not be rushed. She needs a family that will love her even when she is not ready to love them back yet and understand that they will not be able to hug this out of her. Maya needs patience and understanding and lots of time.
No small children for Maya. No busy households for Maya. She must be allowed to come with her crate. It is her safety zone. We do not force her in and we do not close the door any time we are in the house. She goes there when she is frightened.
This pretty girl loves toys. LOVES TOYS! For a girl that never had anything to play with she gathers them all up and takes them every where she goes.
If you are up for a challenge and are willing to be coached thru this process please contact us.
Will you get a dog that will fawn over you and live to be with you? NO
Will you get the opportunity to know that you made such a difference in the life of an animal that was denied the rights any dog should have such as adequate food, clean water, toys, a soft safe place to sleep and most importantly love? YES.


Photo of McKenzie

Here’s McKenzie!  She is 11 months old. She will remain on the small size for a Siberian and probably be around 45 pounds. McKenzie needs a Siberian Experienced, adult only home.  McKenzie is our most special needs pup.  It appears that she has some brain damage, from possibly being beaten when she was younger then three months old.   Her disability manifests itself by circling.  She is very sweet and loving.  She has been working hard to overcome her food and water bowl aggression.  She is not 100 percent there, but is 1000 times better since she first came into rescue.   She is good with other dogs and cats.  Fully crate trained and after a long struggle, almost house trained.   McKenzie does fancy herself a lap dog. She walks well on lead and loves to  play!


Photo of MIA

Mia came to NESHR from a good Samaritan who saved her from going to the shelter.  She is a beautiful 1.5 year old girl, a complete LOVE.  She was only with us for a very short time, before her new family saw what a good girl she was and they snatched her up!  She was in Foster less then a week! Congratulations on your forever home baby girl!!!


Photo of Mickey

“Oh Mickey, you’re so fine, you’re so fine – he’ll blow your mind!”  Mickey is approximately 5 years old, UTD, dog friendly and house broken!  He is a dream dog!  He walks great on lead and loves to stop and smell everything! His past-times include loads of play, singing and begging for treats!  He also enjoys climbing (on furniture) and snuggling on the couch watching the game!  He tolerates his crate, but would much prefer being with you, all the time!  If you are looking for a great companion who happens to be a Ginger, call us and check out MICKEY!


Photo of Mini

Mini is a one and half year old sweetheart. Mini came to us from a shelter in PA. She was skin and bones and quickly starving to death because the shelter could not get her to eat. Immediately upon coming into rescue Mini was hospitalized for several days. Now several months later Mini is stabilized and has doubled her weight. She has been diagnosed with IBD. She requires a strict adherence to her dietary and medical needs. Her medicine is not expensive. Mini is great with other dogs and CATS. She is good with children of all ages. Please complete an application to find out how to make Mini a member of your family.


Photo of Nakita

Nakita is a beautiful 8 year old piebald Siberian Husky. She is full of life and has the temperament of an adult yet the energy of a young dog. Nakita is a people lover and requires human interaction.  She is crate trained, fully house broken and gets along with other dogs. She also loves children as much as she does adults and can often be found cuddling with the human babies in her foster home.  Nakita must have a six foot fence she will jump any thing shorter.  If you would like to learn more about sweet Nakita please complete an adoption application and one of our members will contact you.


Photo of NanNuk

NanNuk is a two year old male Red and White Siberian. He has one brown eye and one blue eye. He is cat friendly and dog friendly. He does not have to be placed with another dog though. NanNuk grew up with children and is good with kids of all ages. NanNuk recently came into foster care when his family had to move across country. We are still learning more about him and he will be getting neutered in the next few weeks. Can NanNuk join your family? Please fill out an adoption application to learn more about him.


Photo of Neko

Neko is a wonderful 2 year old handsome boy. He is great with people and kids of all ages. He loves female dogs but not male dogs. Niko would be best placed in a home with another dog(female) or he could be an only dog. He truly loves to hang around people. Neko is polite and not demanding in the house and walks well on a leash after settling into the walk. Neko is a true pleasure to have around.


Photo of Nikka

Hi everyone , Nikka here. I got to spend the day with my foster sister and parents on the Beach !! It was beautiful down here in Ocean City. Where did all these bubbles come from on the Beach ? I didnt know there were bubbles down here.. anyway – I’m in a really cool place called Foster right now.. My Foster family is AMAZING! they take me everywhere.. I even started playing with toys since I went there.. they are so much fun! But they have told me that foster is temporary.. so they are just letting me stay here until I can find a Human family of my own.. one that needs me forever!! So I’m in the market for a family.. any takers? I’m a good girl.. all potty trained, I bark if I have to “go”.. I love kisses.. give paw….love to snuggle.. They say I’m a perfect lady.. I love people very much!! I love other dogs too… so if you NEED a Husky lady in your life – please call my Rescue… they will tell you what we need to do to be a match made in Heaven!! See ya soon!Did I mention I’m between 4-5 years old??? Im practically a pup!!


Photo of Niko

Niko is a 4-5 year old TINY Siberian. He is almost pocket sized! Little Niko weighs about 37 pounds and has a perpetual puppy look to him. Niko is one of the most submissive dogs we have ever met. He is great with other dogs and is not dominating at all. He loves children young and old. Absolutely NO cats for Niko. He finds them irresistible and is convinced they are a snack. Niko still has a lot of energy and would love a family that would be active and take him for walks. To learn how to make Niko a part of your family please complete an adoption application.


Photo of Orion

Meet Orion – a super sweet six year old, who hasn’t had a great life, until he came into rescue. When he was pulled from Galax Virginia, he was practically hairless, very under weight and under socialized. He was vetted, found to have a tremendous yeast infection on his entire body, and needing to be neutered. He was given Lyme dips to help heal his skin. He was successfully neutered. And he has started growing his coat back! He has found what it means to be loved.. he is a beautiful soul,gentle and cuddly. He loves kids, dogs and is kind to kitties. He does have a smaller face and eyes, but that just makes him more adorable! If you are interested in meeting Orion,please contact us.


Photo of Princess

Hi Everyone!  I’m Princess.  I came to NESHR 1/11/2016.  I was left at the shelter, because my previous humans didn’t want to bother with me anymore.   An Angel from NESHR saw me and fell in love with me, so they took me in.  I have two Angels in Long Island who take me everywhere with them all the time!  I’m super friendly and just want a Human to call my very own.   I’m super easy going (they say I am very laid back) and love every dog that I meet!  I’m completely vetted and UTD on everything!  I am a lady in the car – and love going on long walks!  I get the ZOOMIES  all the time when I can play in my Angels’ back yard!  I’m approximately two years old – and all I really need is LOVE and a HOME!  If you are interested in hearing more about me – please call today – and you can talk to one of my Angels and hear all about me! Since I am very docile I would prefer a home with pups who are like me — no pushy pups for this girl!


Photo of Rascal

Rascal is a sweet boy, we believe he is approximately 5-8 years old.  He came to us a scared boy from Trenton.  He has been working with his Foster family, and is learning to use his crate.  He has been respectful of a four foot fence, but we keep an eye on him when he is outside.  He loves people and wants to meet everyone while out on his walks!  He is currently in foster with two Sibes, and they are getting along well.  He likes to play, knows “sit” and “down” (verbal and hand signals) and loves cheese treats!  If you are interested in adopting Rascal, please get in touch with us.


Photo of Reba

Welcome Reba! Reba is a beautiful little girl who is three years old. She still needs to be spayed, but will be ready for her forever home soon after. She is great with people and was a perfect lady with all the dogs she met a recent event in PA. She was a true Husky ambassador – giving kisses to babies and everyone else! She rides nicely in the car, and will wait quietly in her crate for meals. She is fully housebroken. She is currently in foster with six additional Sibes and one cat, and gets along well with everyone. Like her namesake, Reba loves to be the center of attention. She would not mind being the only dog, although this is not a requirement for her. Siberian experience is a must if you are interested in Reba. She is full of energy and simply a great dog!


Photo of Remmy

Remmy is a 2-3 year old young boy. He is very calm and laid back though he does occasionally like to talk. Fully housebroken but typical of some males may mark in the house the first couple of times he is in a new home. He is currently living in a foster home with 4 other Siberians ranging in age from 1yr to 9yrs. He is respectful of all of them but does like to play with the one year old. Sweet Remmy likes to sleep in bed with his people at night so his new home should be ok with having a Siberian in bed with them.

Remmy was returned to the shelter because the family said he broke out of a crate and shredded a comforter and when locked in a bathroom he chewed the molding. In his foster home he has not destroyed anything. Most likely he would be best placed in a home with another dog.


Photo of Shadow

Shadow has been bounced around most of his life. No wonder he has separation anxiety. Shadow has lived with children of all ages including newborn and had no problem with them. He loves female dogs but does not want to share his house with male dogs. Shadow is a love bug. He does not know that he is not a puppy and wants to curl up in your lap or cuddle with you in bed.
Fully crate trained and good with the cat in his foster home Shadow would make a wonderful addition to a home that would give him a forever home.
His bio picture was taken the day he spent the day at work with his foster mom in a vet clinic. He wanted to help with the work!


Photo of Siri

Hi! I’m Siri!  I was named Sirius, but Siri is what I prefer. I have been here at NESHR for quite a long time! I have been with a couple of really nice families, but I still want one of my very own!

You see, they tell me that I am special.  I don’t understand why – but sometimes I have seizures.. they have gotten much better since NESHR took me in and got me the medicine that I needed to keep those bad seizures away.  I have been doing really good, and they say the medicine I need is not really expensive either!

I wasn’t always this handsome…when I first came here to live with NESHR,  I had really bad skin problems and was almost “naked”.. I had very little hair, and what I did have was in bad shape… I was really a “hot mess” when they saved me.  But they took their time with my care, and gave me lots of love and I am doing sooo much better!  I’m a soccer star!  Did you know that ?  Have you seen my movies on Facebook?  I’m really popular!

I loves car rides, but need help with my legs hopping into a Jeep. Other then that, I’m a NORMAL dog!

NESHR thinks I would do best in a calm environment – no young children (I get excited and will (accidentally) knock them down). Teenagers are fine. I like girls dogs better then boy dogs.. and I have what they call small prey drive.. I don’t know what that means – but I love a good game of squirrel chase!

I have  so much love to give my forever family!  They say when I am really happy, I make funny noises.. they say I sound like a big cat! .

If you are interested in meeting me, please contact NESHR .. We can put you in touch with his foster family, and they will tell you all about him!


Photo of Sitka

Hey guys, Sitka here… I came to NESHR from Long Island…I need a forever home they are telling me..?? Who knew? I used to wander around, doing what I wanted.. then they caught me… so I went to this place called a shelter.. they were good to me.. .but I longed to be free.. Then they tell me a “rescue” is coming to meet me. So I am on my best Siberian behavior. I am a looker, ya know- so I don’t have to try too hard. This nice lady came and pet me all over — I kind of liked it.. and she put her hand by my food – she was cute, so I let her. Next thing I know we are in her car, heading down the highway – cool wind in my hair (not really, just makin it interestin) I meet up with this other lady – and then again – ZOOM ! into another truck – and finallly I get to this place where they call it “Foster”? I think, “ok”..lets try this out. Turns out they are pretty cool to a fella from Long Island.. They say I am about three years old – I love kids little to small ? Who knew they weren’t just short humans?? I love walks and I am good on lead. I don’t ever go potty in the house.. Hee Hee, I just said “potty”, Im gettin soft. I like my crate when I have to be in it.. but really I’m diggin this family thing.. and I think I’m ready to settle down with one.. I get along good with other dogs – and I really need a break from runnin around.. If you want to give it a go, reach out to the rescue folks.. let’s see if we can do this.. Whatdaya think? Hope to see ya soon!!


Photo of Tee

Tee is a wonderful 9 month old male. He would be a great addition to any home and would be great as a family dog in a family with children. Tee does wonderfully with other dogs with the exception that he likes to sit on smaller dogs so we recommend no small dogs in his new home though he may be placed with cats. Tee is crate trained and house broken. He is neutered and up to date on all of his shots. Tee is very vocal and likes to talk to everyone, walls, cars and birds flying over head. Tee really needs a fenced yard. He has a lot of energy and needs room to run. He pulls EXTREMELY hard on the leash. Contact us if you are interested in this handsome boy!