PLEASE Read the following before you complete the adoption application. This will help you know what to expect and determine if you are ready for a Siberian Husky.  PLEASE NOTE: You must be a minimum of 25 years old to be considered for adoption from NESHR.

Are you adoption ready?

Interested in adopting a Siberian Husky?  Then you have already heard how marvelous they are.  We think you should also be told that they do have their shortcomings and may not make the ideal pet for everyone who is attracted to them. Siberians are a gregarious lot.  While capable of strong affection for his family, the Siberian Husky is also very friendly with strangers.  So, if you want the fierce loyalty of a one-man dog – DON’T ADOPT A SIBERIAN!

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At least TWICE a year Siberians shed their coats. If you like fur all over the house and in the very air you breathe, and the food you eat then fine. If, however, you value neatness at all times, then – DON’T ADOPT A SIBERIAN!

Some Siberian Huskies have a natural proclivity for digging holes in back yards. If you take great pride in your landscaping efforts – DON’T ADOPT A SIBERIAN!

Of all the shortcomings to be found in a Siberian, the most dangerous to the pet-owner is their tremendous desire to RUN, but the very first dash that a dog makes across the road could be his last run anywhere. A Siberian, for his own protection, should be kept confined or under control at all times.  If you are one of those people who think it is cruel to kennel a dog, or keep him confined to his own back yard, then – DON’T ADOPT A SIBERIAN!

We just happen to believe that any dog is better off in a proper kennel or fenced yard than running loose all over the countryside. Yes, a kennel dog is missing a lot in life – the chance to be hit by a car, the fun of being dirty and loaded with worms; the opportunity of being attacked by other dogs; the joy of being sick on garbage and infested with disease; the pleasure of being tormented by mean kids; the thrill of being shot in a farmyard; and finally the great comfort of never knowing where he belongs or how to behave. We don’t want to see ANY Siberian become a TRAMP! If you want a dog who will never stray, who, on the porch will stay content – even when you are gone away, then – DON’T ADOPT A SIBERIAN!

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If you have read this far and honestly feel that you qualify on all counts, and are still determined to own a Siberian, then we take great pleasure in welcoming you to the fold and teach you about the best methods to feed and raise your dog, including the use of resources you could find at sites like  Join the rest of us in the smug complacency of knowing that we own the most beautiful, the smartest, and the most nearly ideal dog in the world. It is hard to be humble when you own a Siberian Husky.

If you believe you are ready follow this link to review our adoption process & fees.