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Adoption Application

Apply Now for your husky

Please complete this online application or print the NESHR Adoption Application and mail to:

P.O. Box 4224 Brick, NJ 08723

E-mail us at via our contact form if you have any questions.  Please include your best contact information and if you are interested in a particular dog.

* - required

At this time, we can only accept applications from Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. If you live in another state, please contact the rescue directly to determine if we can process your application.

By entering a valid email address, you will receive a confirmation via email that your application was received. If you do not get a confirmation email, please contact the rescue at

Please provide two references of people that are not family. For both references, please include their NAME, PHONE, EMAIL AND RELATIONSHIP with this person.

Siberian Husky Experience

What other breeds of dogs do you have experience with? Tell us about the breeds you have owned in the past.

If you have ever given up a dog or other pet, please explain the circumstances here. If you have not given up a pet, please state that here.

Household Information

If you rent, provide the name and phone number of your landlord or rental agency.

Veterinarian Information

Please provide the name of your vet that you use currently or have in the past. If you are new to pet ownership, please provide the name of the vet you intend to use.

Please provide the address (City, State) or this vet.

Do you object to a home check? If so, please explain why?

Adoption Fee Acknowledgement

  • Dogs to 8 years of age are $275.
  • Dogs 8 to 10 years are $150.
  • Senior dogs over 10 years of age are a donation that you feel is appropriate.
  • Second dogs adopted from Northern Exposure Siberian Husky Rescue earn a $50 discount.
  • 10% Discount for Military Veterans