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These dogs are currently part of the NESHR program. To adopt one of these dogs you must complete an adoption application found here.

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Photo of Sitka

Hey guys, Sitka here… I came to NESHR from Long Island…I need a forever home they are telling me..?? Who knew? I used to wander around, doing what I wanted.. then they caught me… so I went to this place called a shelter.. they were good to me.. .but I longed to be free.. Then they tell me a “rescue” is coming to meet me. So I am on my best Siberian behavior. I am a looker, ya know- so I don’t have to try too hard. This nice lady came and pet me all over — I kind of liked it.. and she put her hand by my food – she was cute, so I let her. Next thing I know we are in her car, heading down the highway – cool wind in my hair (not really, just makin it interestin) I meet up with this other lady – and then again – ZOOM ! into another truck – and finallly I get to this place where they call it “Foster”? I think, “ok”..lets try this out. Turns out they are pretty cool to a fella from Long Island.. They say I am about three years old – I love kids little to small ? Who knew they weren’t just short humans?? I love walks and I am good on lead. I don’t ever go potty in the house.. Hee Hee, I just said “potty”, Im gettin soft. I like my crate when I have to be in it.. but really I’m diggin this family thing.. and I think I’m ready to settle down with one.. I get along good with other dogs – and I really need a break from runnin around.. If you want to give it a go, reach out to the rescue folks.. let’s see if we can do this.. Whatdaya think? Hope to see ya soon!!


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