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These dogs are currently part of the NESHR program. To adopt one of these dogs you must complete an adoption application found here.

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Photo of Siri

Hi! I’m Siri!  I was named Sirius, but Siri is what I prefer. I have been here at NESHR for quite a long time! I have been with a couple of really nice families, but I still want one of my very own!

You see, they tell me that I am special.  I don’t understand why – but sometimes I have seizures.. they have gotten much better since NESHR took me in and got me the medicine that I needed to keep those bad seizures away.  I have been doing really good, and they say the medicine I need is not really expensive either!

I wasn’t always this handsome…when I first came here to live with NESHR,  I had really bad skin problems and was almost “naked”.. I had very little hair, and what I did have was in bad shape… I was really a “hot mess” when they saved me.  But they took their time with my care, and gave me lots of love and I am doing sooo much better!  I’m a soccer star!  Did you know that ?  Have you seen my movies on Facebook?  I’m really popular!

I loves car rides, but need help with my legs hopping into a Jeep. Other then that, I’m a NORMAL dog!

NESHR thinks I would do best in a calm environment – no young children (I get excited and will (accidentally) knock them down). Teenagers are fine. I like girls dogs better then boy dogs.. and I have what they call small prey drive.. I don’t know what that means – but I love a good game of squirrel chase!

I have  so much love to give my forever family!  They say when I am really happy, I make funny noises.. they say I sound like a big cat! .

If you are interested in meeting me, please contact NESHR .. We can put you in touch with his foster family, and they will tell you all about him!


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