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These dogs are currently part of the NESHR program. To adopt one of these dogs you must complete an adoption application found here.

Our Available Dogs


Photo of Maya

This pretty girl is Maya. She is now available for adoption. Here is what you must know about Maya.
Maya was one of almost 60 Siberian Huskies pulled out of one of the most horrific puppy mill operations in New York. She is almost three years old and has never seen anything but the dark barn and a pen or crate filled with feces and urine. She never saw sunlight, grass or the pretty blue sky. For three years she lived her life being bred over and over again for some sick individuals who saw these animals as a way to make money.
Maya is scared. There is no easy way to say this. She is going to require a lot of time and understanding and this can not be rushed. She needs a family that will love her even when she is not ready to love them back yet and understand that they will not be able to hug this out of her. Maya needs patience and understanding and lots of time.
No small children for Maya. No busy households for Maya. She must be allowed to come with her crate. It is her safety zone. We do not force her in and we do not close the door any time we are in the house. She goes there when she is frightened.
This pretty girl loves toys. LOVES TOYS! For a girl that never had anything to play with she gathers them all up and takes them every where she goes.
If you are up for a challenge and are willing to be coached thru this process please contact us.
Will you get a dog that will fawn over you and live to be with you? NO
Will you get the opportunity to know that you made such a difference in the life of an animal that was denied the rights any dog should have such as adequate food, clean water, toys, a soft safe place to sleep and most importantly love? YES.


Our Adopted Dogs!