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NESHR was founded in 2013 to help Siberian Huskies in the New Jersey and surrounding areas. Our mission is to find appropriate, permanent homes for Siberian Huskies who have lost their way in the world, promote their health and well being, and educate the public about these wonderful dogs to increase understanding of the breed and reduce the likelihood of homelessness.


Board of Directors

Sharon Luciane – Mom to two Siberian rescues and two mixed breed, Sharon is interested in dog sledding, hiking and anything to do with Alaska and the North.

Gerri Stortz – Phone:  732-691-2142 – Gerri has been doing rescue for over five years, but dogs have been and always will be her biggest passion. When she is  not doing rescue, she can be found reading or puttering in her backyard.  Gerri can be reached at or

Donna McNicholas  Phone: 732-278-9478  Donna became involved with rescue around five years ago when she rescued two Siberians. It was then that she realized that she wanted help other Huskies in need. Donna’s business background makes the Secretary position a perfect choice. Donna enjoys reading and cooking in her off time.  Donna can also be reached at or

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